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Danish Forestry Extension (DFE) was established in 1992. Professional foresters from the mother organization Skovdyrkerne were invited to the Baltic States to provide technical expertise in forestry and land management. DFE assisted with the establishment of community based forest owners associations in Latvia and Lithuania. Since then, DFE has continued to focus on international development and strengthening of local forest associations. 

Our expertise and international engagement has spread throughout the world and today spans over 25 countries in Europe, Africa and Asia.

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  • Forest User Group Discussions in Mozambique

Vision and Mission

DFE’s vision is to be a recognized international forestry organization, which contributes to self-governance, empowerment and sustainable development through land-use-related initiatives. 

DFE’s mission is to contribute to sustainable and equitable development, livelihood improvement, social resilience and improved and democratic forest and natural resource management.

DFE has work experience from the following countries:

Countries of work experience
07.09.2018 - News

You reap what you sow – except if you sow in the forest

Usually you reap what you sow. But when fields are merged with forest we can reap new environmental and socioeconomic benefits

09.01.2018 - News

Agroforestry in Nepal

What exactly is agroforestry and why is it important? Learn from DFEs project in Nepal

29.09.2017 - News

Visiting 'Haver til Maver' to learn about school gardens as places for learning

DFE and our partner Wildlife Conservation Nepal spent a week together visiting and learning about school gardens in Denmark.

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