Support to the smallholder private forestry sector

Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) is the country with the highest forest share, the highest forest type diversity in the Western Balkans and one of the richest forest type diversities in Europe. Covering 63% of the total land area, forest resources have importance for both the national economy and local livelihoods but these resource, especially for smallholders, are not fully tapped. Together with the wood-processing industry and agriculture, forestry plays a potential key role in development and well-being of most rural areas.  However, forests in BiH are under-used, representing an untapped income generation potential in both private and public forests.

Smallholder forest owners face challenges with insufficient financial, institutional and technical capacity. Further, they are not organized in local interest associations, and without organizing they cannot reach economies of scale for their forest products from their small allotments.

DFE is exploring options on how the smallholder forestry sector can be strengthened. The situation of forest owners in Bosnia is similar to Denmark in that there are many forest owners owning small forest areas. However, the difference in Denmark is that the forest owners are organized and represented through e.g. Skovdyrkerne. Together with a local partner, DFE wants to gain better knowledge about shared problems and challenges and to analyze the smallholder forestry sector. The idea is to in the long-term find out and how to mobilize smallholder forest owners and build a foundation for their future organizing into local forest owners associations in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

21.12.2018 - News

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