Promoting tree planting, local business development and youth entrepreneurship

Mali is the sevenths largest country at the African continent, covered by 65% desert or semi-desert. Since 2012 Mali has faced a serious political-, humanitarian-, security- and food security crisis. The crisis is especially centered at the Northern region and has resulted in internal migration and social and political conflict among the local population groups. At the same time Mali is one of world’s poorest countries and unemployment of the youth and women is a great economic and political challenge for the country’s future development. Recently, DFE has started up activities in Southern Mali to address some of the local natural resource related challenges and is working to strengthen and involve both the youth and women in small-scale business development related to local tree planting. 

Agroforestry systems: food security and firewood production

In corporation with the local partner, Mali Folkecenter, DFE promote and train local female shea butter cooperatives and village committees in establishment of agroforestry systems for food and firewood production. Firewood is used both by the individual households as well as in the processing of the shea nuts and is therefore a highly demanded product. However, wood is harvested unsustainably from local forest areas, which are rapidly diminishing and forces women to walk long distances to collect. By establishing local agroforestry systems with fast growing trees for firewood, the women can collect the wood faster and sell surplus production locally. The systems also allow the villages to grow crops on soil which has been naturally fertilized by nitrogen fixing species and which is prevented from soil degradation and erosion. 

Involving the youth and decision makers

To address the challenges of high unemployment among the youth, DFE focuses on involving university students in developing innovative ideas to address the local environmental challenges. This is done by hosting information campaigns and launching business competitions with mentoring support for the selected best ideas. At the village level, primary schools are involved in the local tree planting activities, learning about the environmental and social benefits of planting and managing trees in their communities. Increase awareness and influence of decision makers at the political level is done by conduction of a national natural resource conference where DFE especially promotes the importance and economic potential in tree planting.  

30.07.2019 - News

DFE Guide

The guide adds to the discussion about collaboration between NGOs and private sector companies

25.06.2019 - News

Danish Forestry Extension at Folkemødet, 2019

It was useful for DFE to attend Folkemødet (The People's Democratic Festival), 13th - 16th of June 2019

11.06.2019 - News

DFE launches a Guide on Strategic Partnerships

DFE and four other Danish development NGOs have published a Guide to partnerships between NGOs and the private sector

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