Establishing and operating wood fuel laboratory. 2010-2011

The Norwegian Forest and Landscape Institute is an autonomous institute under the Ministry of Agriculture and Food and a national centre of expertise on land-based resources.The institute is a leading Norwegian scientific institution regarding use of forest resources, forest ecology and the environment, and is responsible for a range of national mapping programmes and resource inventories related to land cover, forestry, agriculture, landscape and the environment.

In order to meet the objective of fossil fuel independence by 2050 as well as the EU 2020 renewable energy goals while securing sustainability and the provision of ecosystem services, one of the national priorities is to strengthen the role of forestry as a significant contributor to the development of competitive, efficient and renewable energy systems.

As part of this ambition the Institute plays a vital role in designing strategies and develop practical instruments to maximise climate change mitigation and security of energy. This includes bridging the fields of forestry and bioenergy research as well as the industries and suppliers.

One of the activities has been to build a model wood fuel laboratory.

Services provided by DFE:

DFE has provided a biomass expert assisting in building up a wood fuel laboratory and training students and staff while doing field work on harvesting wood for energy.

More specifically:

  • Time and productivity studies on bioenergy systems
  • Proposing / adjusting supply systems - with cost calculations
  • Participating in 'bioenergy promotion' courses
  • Guiding young researchers and student assistants doing fieldwork
  • Documentation and dissemination of findings 



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