Biomass Supply Chain Evaluation in Romania – 2011-2012

BWSC builds and operates complete tailor-made biomass plants on a turnkey basis. With electrical output ranging from 15 to 60 MW requiring an estimated annual biomass supply ranging from 200.000 till 500.000 tones per combined heat and power plant efficient and reliable supply chain management is crucial for the viability of the investment.

Services provided by DFE

DFE has provided a biomass expert being responsible for evaluating the fuel availability of sustainable supplies of biomass for a number of CHP plants. Sustainable from an environmental as well as economical point of view.

More specifically:

  • To set out he legislative and political foundation and possible provisions for utilizing biomass
  • To collect and analyze statistic data on where the forest / biomass resources are located and potential volumes available for e.g. stand improving operations
  • To identify potential suppliers and conduct interviews
  • To identify and attend in fora for the promotion of using renewable biofuels like biomass
  • To analyze and evaluate harvesting and inland logistic opportunities / constraints
  • To perform risk analysis of the investment, distinguishing between technical, financial, political, country specific and reputational risks



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