Commercial forest plantation - 2009-2011

Virtually no timber plantations have been established in Uganda for over 30 years and the app. 12,000 hectares of plantations planted in the late 1960's and early '70's have been 'mined' over the last 10 years and have only started to be replanted since 2003 through the support of the European Union. Less than a few hundred hectares of mature plantations remain, whilst it has been estimated that Uganda needs at least 75,000 ha of timber plantations just to meet the country's projected internal timber demand by 2025.

Furthermore, with more than 90% of the Ugandan population depending on wood and wood products for their energy consumption this is an important factor causing degradation of remnant natural forest. It is estimated that the country's forest cover has dwindled from 50% to 20% since 1990. Thus, the situation is severe.

In order to reverse this trend of forest degradation, development of forest plantations is seen as one mitigating initiative to ease the pressure of the natural forests while simultaneously meeting the nations increasing need for wood products in general.

Services provided by DFE

DFE has in collaboration with a private client as part of a preparatory arrangement provided technical assistance leading up to the establishment of up to 13,000 hectares of commercial forest plantation.

More specifically:

  • Transfer of technology within inter alia the fields of: afforestation and infrastructure planning, soil mapping, species trials, preparation for certification, CO2 baseline survey, nursery establishment, production of seedlings, soil preparation and planting and weeding.
  • Identification and presentation of potential investors
  • Establishment of trial plots - species, provenance and spacing trails
  • Development of preliminary management plans
  • Financial projections
  • Liaison with concerned authorities



Flemming Sehested

Flemming Sehested

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Karsten Raae

Forest Supervisor - Senior Consultant

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