Environmental Education on Wheels in Cabo Delgado. 2012-2014

The project is funded by Danida and will establish and test a mobile nature school. The mobile nature school will go from village to village visiting schools, show films, and present Forum Theater in two districts - Ancuabe and Montepuez - in the Northern Province Cabo Delgado addressing some of the local environmental problems.


Today, one of the most frequent forms to clear new land is the use of uncontrolled bushfires destroying fauna and flora. A growing need for charcoal is causing that the communities are cutting trees and bushes to meet the demand and illegal logging seems to have no end even though that laws are in place and disseminated, rangers are educated and awareness programmes are implemented towards the community members. Last, conflicts between human and animal especially in the National Parks and the buffer zones are yet another problem that needs to be taken serious.

The goal is through action learning to equip children and young people with an understanding of the importance of ensuring the country's natural heritage and promote sustainable use of natural resources through hands-on experiences.


The mobile nature school will serve as a very central element. It will serve as a visitor centre for pupils, their parents and for the society in large allowing the visitors to become more aware of a broad variety of elements related to nature. Different topics and campaigns such as clean-up activities, tree planting are presented during the year and visitors can often participate in guided tours and learn more about a specific topic. One of the advantages of a mobile nature school is that it allows us to reach out to isolated schools in remote districts, but also reach out to young adults that no longer are part of the formal school system.  


DFE is implementing the project with its local partner "ama" - associacao do meio ambiente. DFE and "ama" have a long working relation gained through the project FEFA - Forestry Extention for Farmers in Ancuabe.  

Services provided by DFE staff:

DFE holds the overall responsibility for the project management and responsible towards Danida. Experiences from a similarly project in Nepal will be shared with the local partner through an exchange visit.

Facilitation of education and dissemination on responsible natural resource management is one of DFE´s core competences. In cooperation with "ama" DFE will work closely with school directors and teachers carrying out capacity building in innovative learning theories, the local environmental context, and how to elaborate a local curriculum addressing important issues of nature conservation and responsible natural resource management.

Experiences from a similarly project in Nepal will be shared with the local partner through an exchange visit.



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