Climate Adaptation and Community Development in Nepal 2013 -2014

Developing low cost community based innovative solutions to mitigate and adapt to climate change while creating viable local business solutions

The project’s aim is to contribute to climate change adaptation and mitigation through forestry management and the introduction of the cultivation of Non Timber Forest Products (NTFP) and planting of high value perennial plants in degraded community forest areas. In this way, ecosystem resilience will be supported and carbon will be sequestered, while at the same time contributing to positive community development. Climate change mitigation will also be achieved through restoration of degraded natural forests. 

Development objective:

Strengthening sustainable economic development of forest communities though sustainable forest management, carbon sequestration, and climate adaptation interventions. 

Immediate objectives:

1. The local community is engaged in climate resilient and carbon sequestrating NTFP farming and eco-system restoration practices

2. A sustainable low cost carbon trading business facility supporting the livelihood improvement of the participating communities is developed

3. Viable local NTFP business opportunities are developed through application of appropriate value adding processing technology and concerted marketing actions

Services provided by DFE staff:

DFE staff has overall responsibility for project implementation and management. Other tasks include, developing innovative, hands-on awareness programs on forest management, disseminating knowledge through training and technical assistance, initiating the establishment of nurseries with focus on forestry species capable of delivering high value products, and providing substantial input to development of business strategies and organization of sales of Non Timber Forest Products.


The project is being implemented with funding from the Nordic Environment Finance Corporation.




Flemming Sehested

Flemming Sehested

Director - Senior Consultant

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Josipa Bicanic

Josipa Bicanic

Program Manager

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