Cambodian Farmland Carbon 2013 -2014

Developing a low cost carbon trading business in Cambodia, which will promote carbon sequestration and reduced emissions of greenhouse gasses in the farming landscape

The project Cambodian Farmland Carbon (CAFACA) uses effective ways of tapping into the enormous potential for climate change mitigation in agriculture and farming landscapes.

The development objective of the project is:

Climate resilient agriculture among Cambodian small-scale farmers is contributing to increased carbon sequestration and improved livelihoods.

The immediate objective of the project is:

A sustainable low cost carbon trading business supports livelihood improvement among farmers through significant, marketable mitigation of climate change.

Climate resilient farming practices are introduced replicated and support carbon sequestration in the farming landscape. The project will disseminate practical approaches to climate resilient agriculture including new, cost effective ways of organizing tree planting and the associated trading in carbon credits. Moreover, it will promote innovative uses of biomass and creative methods for sustainable climate-resilient agricultural production, as well as effective, low-cost and accountable monitoring and verification. The project will establish a business (Cambodian Farmland Carbon Trading - CFCT) which will work with associations of small-holder farmers and support them in increasing their carbon sequestration and in marketing the carbon.

Services provided by DFE staff:

DFE will provide a forest and climate expert, who focuses on the following areas:

  • Marketing of carbon credits and organizational set-up to handle sale
  • (Carbon ) Monitoring and Inventory Development of growth models for relevant species
  • Yield Tables Training in monitoring and calculation of growth (increment / sequestration)



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