Wood briquettes and reforestation - CDM, Co-firing of bio mass

Wood briquettes and reforestation in Malaysia - 2007

Feasibility study regarding options for purchase of biomass for production of wood briquettes and pellets. Investigations of possibilities for reforestation of 10,000 hectares on Borneo. Sinks (carbon sequestration) and generation of CER's was important aspects together with the outline of a B2B program to kick start investments.

Services provided by DFE staff:

DFE provided the study with a forest and CDM specialist


Bio mass for co-firing in power plants - Malaysia 2007

Mapping of bio mass availability in a larger study on co-firing of bio mass and coal in Malaysia, producing an overview of total potential of resources, technical and economical potential for energy purposes.

Mapping of wood residues, including: 1) Industry based residues such as saw dust from e.g. furniture factories, saw mills etc. and 2) the forest-based residues such as branches, roots, trunks and fonds. Equally mapping of bio mass residues others than wood waste, including: 1) Industry-based residues such as e.g. EFB, fibres, rice husk and other significant waste, and 2) the field based residues trunks, and fonds, stems etc.

Services provided by DFE staff:

DFE provided a forest and CDM specialist




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