Forest Energy Project 2006 - 2015

Forest energy project to Council for Forest Research and Development, Ireland

The purpose of the project was to introduce wood for energy into the Irish society by demonstrating harvesting systems for wood for energy in Irish private forests in the form of practical scale harvesting operations and on site demonstrations as well as scientific and popular reporting. This project began in 2006 and finished in the fall 2015.

Services provided by DFE staff

Overall management of the harvesting trials on site over a three year period, overseeing the time studies carried out by staff of the Waterford Institute of Technology, building up of a wood fuel quality laboratory in Waterford, writing technical reports, presenting results at local, regional, national and international meetings, conferences and demonstrations

Although the project ended, DFE still has the responsibility to:

1. Provide advice to the Department of Agriculture on the development of wood fuel standards, and the development of policies and measures related to increasing sustainable use of forest-based biomass in Ireland.

2. Update and provide new material for the advisory service website:

3. Provide advisory services to the forest sector and the general public on the harvesting and storage of forest-based biomass and on wood fuel use. 



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