Integrated Watershed Management JIWAN

The Jaladh Integrated Watershed and Natural Resource Management Program (JIWAN)

JIWAN means 'life' in Nepali. The programme has been implemented in areas that are part of the Jaladh river system. JIWAN focuses on: sustainable natural resource management in a watershed area, awareness-raising and education activities, the strengthening of civil society, policy discourses leading to policies conducive to Churia conservation. An important element of the programme is the introduction and experimentation with the concept of co-management of natural resources and equitable cost and benefit sharing - 'payment for environmental services' within the Jaladh watershed.

Three Danish organisations, CARE Denmark, Danish Folk High Schools Association and Danish Forestry Extension, formed an alliance to design and implement the JIWAN program inter alia to achieve the following objectives:

  • To strengthen the social and practical skills and knowledge of people and local institutions in the Jaladh watershed for equitable, effective and sustainable co-management of watershed resources.
  • To improve and diversify land-use systems (forests, agriculture and water use) to increase production and marketing of products, as well as increase equitable cost and benefit sharing of natural resources.
  • To ensure that local, district and national policies (planning, resource allocation and legislation conducive to Churia conservation and co-management of natural resources) are influenced by the people and institutions in the Jaladh watershed areas.


Services provided by DFE staff:

Studies on options for generating carbon credits via small scale sink projects encompassing the whole watershed. The elaboration and testing of structures to handle payments for environmental services amongst upstream and downstream villages. The promotion and development of private forestry and support to community-based forest management. 


Erosion is best controlled upstream and often creates
the most damage downstream



Flemming Sehested

Flemming Sehested

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Karsten Raae

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