Carbon Credits from Biomass

Biomass-based combined power and heat production

Wood industry and plantation wood residuals are used as the energy source in a combined power and heat plant. The energy produced replaces an equivalent production based on fossil fuels. The project is classified as a Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), so it creates Certified Emission Reductions (CER) under the Kyoto Protocol.


Services provided by DFE staff:

In close collaboration with the Project Holder and the Danish Embassy, the DFE team facilitated and ensured the completion of a full CDM process leading to approval by the Executive Committee and eventually a Danish purchase of CERs. The process included a letter of no objection and later approval from the Designated National Authority, a Project Design Document and approval of the baseline methodology, public hearings, input to a Letter of Intent and an Emission Reduction Purchase Agreement, registration of CERs, etc.


Advanced Danish technology and logistics systems for the supply and combustion of wood chips for combined power and heat production can be the backbone for CDM projects and CO2 emission reduction around the world.



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Flemming Sehested

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Karsten Raae

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