Preservation and efficient use of Russia's countryside potential

Assistance to local authorities in spatial planning, development and management of natural resources

Preservation and environmentally friendly use of the countryside potential in order to ensure adaptation of the local economy to the region's rural structure, to ensure natural restoration of polluted countryside and a sustainable functioning of the regional ecosystem. Tver Oblast.

  • Guidelines and recommendations to regional and local authorities.
  • Integrated assessment of environmental impacts on the local countryside and the natural restoration potential of local ecosystems.
  • Plan for protection measures and resource management.
  • Review of conflict situations related to the use of natural resources, and recommendation on conflict elimination.

Services provided by DFE staff:

Natural resource management and planning specialist.




Karsten Raae

Karsten Raae

Forest Supervisor - Senior Consultant

Mobil +45 25 55 42 00

Danish Forestry Extension
Rolighedsvej 23
1958 Frederiksberg C

CVR-nr. 25096045

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