Agro-forestry in Vietnam. 2005-2008

Community Development among Ethnic Minorities - the Forest Component

The project intends to train about 7,000 farmers in a Farmers Field School (FFS) programme in 4 provinces in northwest Vietnam. This means running about 275 FFS schools in about 240 villages. A ToT programme in agri-silvicultural subjects for 30 trainers is planned.

Deforestation and erosion is becoming an increasing problem. Landslides occur frequently - the land use pattern in the selected provinces is no longer sustainable. The forest component contributes to food security and improved livelihood by:  

  • Preventing landslides and fighting other types of erosion
  • Re-establishing soil fertility. Raising the output of traditional agricultural crops
  • Allowing permanent fields on the slopes. Lowering the work load for the farmers in the long run
  • Regaining land for permanent forest cover


Services provided by DFE staff:

Establishment of trial plots, development of parts of the agro-forestry curriculum to be used for Training of Trainers, input to the Farmer Field School programme, training, marketing and other community development activities.



Karsten Raae

Karsten Raae

Forest Supervisor - Senior Consultant

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