NATURA 2000 in Poland

Preparations for the NATURA 2000 network in Poland - a demonstration participatory project developing training modules.

For the establishment of NATURA 2000 sites, training models were needed both for planning and set-up, and for implementation. Training models (curricula) were developed using demonstration plots. Key staff from all 17 Regional Directorates of State Forest in Poland, Polish National Parks, NGOs, etc. ere trained - more than 60 future resource people for the NATURA 2000 process. Staff capacity in stakeholder participation was enhanced through the demonstration of the role of NATURA 2000 in the context of rural and regional social, cultural and economic development. A manual was produced for NATURA 2000 in Poland. Relevant information, sources and material related to the process of establishing and managing NATURA 2000 were compiled in a database. Funding mechanisms (including EU and Polish financial instruments) were developed to promote the self-financing of NATURA 2000. The demonstration of biodiversity management on arable land by private owners was facilitated via a simple small grant scheme.


Services provided by DFE staff:

Project management, staff management and scheduling, training course design, material delivery, database development and manual preparation. Programme of training for trainers. Establishment of criteria for biodiversity management on arable land, and testing of the system.


The Black Stork is one of the species covered by NATURA 2000 - The Birds Directive - in Poland.



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