Screening of forest fuel wood resources

Supply Options for a District Heating Plant in Kalingrad Oblast - Russia 2003

Calculation of potential wood resources in order to supply a heating plant eventually converted from fossil fuel to wood chips. The screening was based on data from the Russian State Forest Service and field verification. Models were developed to estimate the quality of wood chips. Local energy consultants were trained in estimating available forest wood chip resources. (E2)


Poland - 2001

A study of the Bialowieza Forest Regions wood industries was carried out, including their production and demand for wood, as well as their use of waste products and possible sale of these for other purposes. A mapping of the potential resources of wood fuel was proportioned to the potential conversion from use of coal in the area. (DANCEE)


Poland - 1999 - 2000

Based on the wish to convert a number of smaller heating plants to use wood chips as fuel, a screening of supply options was made. Three FSC-certified Polish State Forest Districts and a number of wood industries were included in the development of a new supply system. In the forest, new harvesting methods were developed based on more nature-friendly silviculture. Cost-benefit analyses were made and the concepts tested for later full-scale operation. A new nature value scoring system was adapted to local conditions and successfully introduced. By the end of the project a full set-up for delivery of wood chips, including description of necessary investment in e.g. harvesting equipment, had been elaborated. Key staff from the forest districts had been trained in nature valuation and adapted silvicultural and harvesting systems focusing on thinning of especially young forest stands. (DANCEE)


Latvia - 1995

Wood chip supply plan for district heating plant. (LR-Energy)



Storage and chipping place next to Moletai District Heating Plant, Lithuania.  



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