Nepal Mobile Nature School - Environmental Education. 2008-2013

Developing countries have their own litany of environmental problems. High population growth and subsistence agriculture, a typical feature of developing countries, eventually leading to forest degradation, deforestation, soil erosion, and loss of biodiversity. These environmental problems are further compounded by illiteracy, lack of conservation awareness, financial and technical constraints and inadequate policies executed by the governments. Under these circumstances EE gets least priority because other immediate development issues become more pressing for the governments.

Since it is the poor and uneducated people that impose on marginal resources, poverty is considered the basic cause of poor natural resource management. Thus, Nepal represents a society where biodiversity is high and environmental decline widespread.

The two principal environmental problems in Nepal used to be land degradation and deforestation. However, in recent years, pollution problems have also emerged due to haphazard urbanisation and industrialisation. All aggravated by the dramatic increase in population.

The project will develop and test an innovative - and mobile - concept contributing to the urban as well as rural youth of Nepal´s understanding of the importance of conservation of the Natural Heritage of Nepal inside and outside protected areas and to promote responsible natural resource management, influencing as well their families as local society in general.

It is anticipated that the experiences in outreach and practical hand-on school activities will be reflected in environmental education and official school curricula on national level hereby contributing to a higher awareness and behavioural change towards more responsible natural resource use in Nepal.

Services provided by DFE staff:

DFE holds the overall responsibility for the project management. In cooperation with WCN ( and the Ministry of Education, DFE facilitates the establishment of an offer of different, self- involving extracurricular activities addressing important issues of nature conservation and responsible natural resource management.

The offer is provided to the primary, secondary and higher secondary schools of the urban as well as rural parts of Nepal, Civil Society Organizations and other stakeholders together with information and training concerning the conservation of the National Heritage of Nepal and sustainable natural resource management.

Through modern, integrative child centered teaching methodologies the target group is facilitated to acquire awareness, sensitivity, attitudes and skills for identifying and influencing environmental problems and/or issues present in their local society.



Flemming Sehested

Flemming Sehested

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Ulrik Kragh Hansen

Forest Manager

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