Forestry Extension Service in Nepal. 1999-2007

A Self-reliant Tree Growers' Association running its own Extension Service

Many private farmers in Central Terai have invested in planting trees - often very valuable species. Generally they obtain less than 1/3 of the market price for their saw logs. This is due to factors such as the fact that the ordinary farmer cannot cope with the bureaucracy, does not know how to measure the volume of his timber correctly, has only small amounts for sale at a time and uses poor harvesting techniques.

The Project aimed at establishing an economically self-reliant Tree Growers' Association in Central Terai, Nepal. The association provides members with a comprehensive Extension Service dealing with all aspects of tree growing: silviculture, harvesting, sales and marketing of products, etc. The association operates inter alia a number of nurseries. Crucial activities include training of farmers / members in proper tree growing, harvesting techniques, measurement of wood products and their marketing. While working on mobilising farmers and motivating them to join the association, the project has focused on recruiting, educating and training of the extension staff and board members. Good connections to formal educational institutions have been established and research activities e.g. in the form of demonstration plots and trials have been set-up on land provided by members of the association. Leasehold arrangements have been introduced for less privileged groups in the population.


Services provided by DFE staff

Overall responsibility for project management, and scheduling of tasks and staff. Facilitation of the establishment of an association with more than 900 members (2003) - strategies, bylaws, accounting system, training of board members. An extension service and marketing organisation capable of conducting commission sale of forest based products and providing quality seedlings to the members and others from the association's nurseries. Intensive advice and training for tree growers. Production of training and extension materials.


The staff of Terai Private Forestry Development Association



Michael Sheedy Gehlert

Michael Sheedy Gehlert

Forest Supervisor

Mobil +45 20 48 53 33

Flemming Sehested

Flemming Sehested

Director - Senior Consultant

Mobil +45 61 26 60 08

Karsten Raae

Karsten Raae

Forest Supervisor - Senior Consultant

Mobil +45 25 55 42 00

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