Tree Seed Marketing Strategy - Framework

Framework for Tree Seed Marketing Strategy, Indochina Tree Seed Programme, Vietnam Tree Seed Project

The Government of Vietnam has prepared a tree-planting programme for 2001 - 2010 known as 'The 5 million hectare programme' for which the seed supply component is placed with the Central Forest Seed Company. Availability of quality tree seed of appropriate species and proveniences is crucial for the programme, so marketing in general and specifically in relation to tree seeds is considered of the utmost importance.


Services provided by DFE staff

Upgrading of the managerial staff of the Central Forest Seed Company, including its seven enterprises throughout Vietnam, to  enable them to carry out the task of timely supply of quality tree seed/planting material. Elaboration of long-term views on sustainable and possible profitable supply. Conduct of a workshop on marketing and the elaboration of a Marketing Action Plan. Short SWT analysis and brief Marketing Action Plans were likewise elaborated for the Tree Seed Programmes in Cambodia and Lao. 


It all starts with sowing a seed and then nursing it until it reaches maturity



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