Community Forestry Project

Natural Resource Management Sector Assistance Programme (NARMSAP) - in Nepal

For some time the Nepalese government has been handing over user rights to the forests to local communities in the hills. So thousands of Forest User Groups (FUG's) have been established to take over responsibility for the management and protection of community forests. Danida has supported the initiative since the early 1990s. 


Services provided by DFE staff

Danish Forestry Extension provided the project with a CTA for 1½ years. The main objective of the project was to strengthen the ability of the Forest User Groups to manage the hill forest in a sustainable way and support to the Nepali policy of community forestry in half of the country's districts. The project was part of the Danida sector assistance programme for utilisation of natural resources in Nepal. The project was conducted in close collaboration with the Forest Department and with five Danish technical advisors working in the field.


Typical hill village sensitive to erosion and dependent on the forest for supplies of e.g. fire wood, fodder, poles, medicinal herbs, etc.



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