JI Project Screening - Russia

Screening for JI project opportunities at wooden industries

Wood industry and forest wood residuals may be used as the source of raw material for wood pellet manufacturing. Stabilising biomass through pelletisation is according to the flexible mechanisms of the Kyoto Protocol (JI or CDM projects) an eligible means of avoiding methane emission to the atmosphere.

Services provided by DFE staff:

Backed up by an 800.000 hectares forest concession a qualitative as well as quantitative assessment of the present as well as future expected energy / carbon credit potential of forest and sawmilling residues a screening visit to the premises was undertaken. The main objective of the assignment was to assess the possibilities of including a JI ('Joint Implementation') project (cf. the Kyoto Protocol article 6 ā€“ track II) in connection to planned investment in a wood pellet manufacturing plant.

Immediate objectives of the assignment

1. To investigate whether already identified supplies of raw material met the requirements for developing a methane capsulation project as defined by the UN Climate Panel. This included existing stock piles as well as on-going production of residues from own sawmilling activities.

2. To conduct a qualitative and quantitative assessment of potential

capsulation of methane ā€“ and thereby reduced CO2 emission ā€“ deriving from existing stock as well ongoing production from own sawmilling activities.

3. To the extent possible suggest alternative supplies of raw material for wood pellet manufacturing. This included mapping of potential supplies from nearby located sawmills. Further, efforts was made to conduct a qualitative as well as quantitative assessment of the potential of utilizing wood produce from interim thinning for wood pellet production and/or bio-energy purpose.

4. Moreover, assessing alternative opportunities of utilizing the Kyoto Protocol article 6. Among these the profitability of a combined heat and power plant.

5. In general collect and analyze information / data sufficient enough to develop a basis for decision whether the development of a JI project would be relevant.



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