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Marketing in the National Tree Seed Programme in Tanzania

In the period from 1995 to 1998 DFE collaborated with the National Tree Seed Programme (NTSP) and Danida Forest Seed Centre in Denmark. Today NTSP is an agency operating on commercial terms and with only limited support from the government of Tanzania. DFE provided NTSP with technical support in the field of marketing, in order to boost income-generation and prepare NTSP for a future where it would no longer be a government institution economically supported by a donor.


1995: A Marketing Strategy and Action Plan for NTSP. Elaboration of the strategy and implementation plan for marketing of tree seed, training, seedlings and consultancies to be provided by NTSP. Based on a marketing survey, with special emphasis on analysis of the tree seed market in Tanzania and to a certain extent abroad. There was special focus on the sale of teak seed and previous marketing efforts.  


1996: Marketing Strategy Audit. Assessment of the marketing strategy prepared for NTSP in 1995. Definition, synthesis and description of the content of a standard for marketing strategies and plans for Tree Seed Programmes in developing countries. Revised marketing strategy and Action Plan for NTSP. Setting up standards for gathering and compiling relevant information from the market as well as the accounting system.


1997: Review of Marketing management. Review of previous and current management of NTSP in relation to marketing. Analyses and assessment of sale, stock management, external and internal communication, customer platform, product platform and future markets for commercial seed sale. Elaboration of marketing strategies and corresponding activities.


1998: Marketing Training Course and Monitoring. Revised marketing strategies and Marketing Action Plans. Training course in marketing and service management for NTSP officers, management seminar for NTSP senior staff. Assessment of NTSP financial and technical performance.


Tree climber harvesting eucalyptus seed in a selected stand south of Iringa in Central Tanzania



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