Seed Source Identification Training Course

Training Courses: Agro-forestry, Extension, Marketing, LFA

Over the years DFE has run a lot of training courses in Denmark for various clients alongside the ongoing internal training of DFE's staff of more than 65 consultants. On-the-job training of especially extensionists and forestry advisors is a field where DFE has comparative advantages. The training courses for external clients have focused on the following overall subjects.


Extension and advisors  

Forest inventory methods and the use of GPS in the Tabora region of Tanzania. Training of local forest officers in the use of GPS for management and mapping purposes, introduction of simple inventory methods using a modified relascope in Miombo woodlands. Client: the World Bank.

DFE conducted three two-month training courses for future Lithuanian and Latvian consultants for private forest owners. Major subjects in the training were: Sustainable forest management, basic economics, forest economics, management planning, and forest policy and extension work. Special focus was placed on the role as consultant.

In collaboration with the Danida Fellowship Centre, DFE trained Tanzanian foresters in forest economics. Agro-forestry Danida Fellowship Course in Denmark.

DFE provided teaching in the agro-forestry component of the course, 'Soil Conservation and Soil Fertility'. Four courses were run. DFE provided three two-day seminars dealing with the subject of marketing of tree seed for staff from various tree seed programmes in developing countries.

DFE's input was part of a bigger training course under the heading: 'Management of Tree Seed Programmes'. As part of this training DFE elaborated the publication: 'Marketing at a Tree Seed Programme', Technical note no. 49, Danida Forest Seed Centre (31 pages). 

DFE has in some cases also provided facilitators for the whole training course. Over the years DFE has provided a number of clients with training in the use of LFA for project preparation, appraisal and review.

DFE has developed its own case-oriented 2-3-day training course in the subject. DFE has special expertise in the field of the participatory establishment of protected areas. In 2003 DFE ran a seminar for the steering committee for the establishment of Lille Vildmose national park - the first in Denmark.


Investigation of options for growing and marketing of Christmas trees from Estonia

Development of a trainingcourse for potential growers of Christmas trees and greenery. DFE provided two trainers, conducted the training and elaborated training materials.


Seed Source Identification - Nepal 1995

Training of Nepalese staff from the Tree Improvement Project in the identification of proper seed sources. Valuation of seed quality, organisation of harvesting of tree seed, handling the seeds after harvesting and registration and protection of seed sources.



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