JI perspectives in relation to fuel swift - Elaboration of PIN + PDD

JI perspectives in relation to fuel swift – Elaboration of PIN

Residuals from wood industry can be used as the energy source in a heat plant. The energy produced replaces an equivalent production based on fossil fuels. Carbon mitigating projects like this may be classified as a Joint Implementation (JI) project in accordance to the flexible mechanisms under the Kyoto Protocol and thereby generate Emission Reduction Units (ERU).

Services provided by DFE staff:

Responsible for the provision of support for screening the possibilities of including a JI project (cf. the Kyoto Protocol article 6 – track II) due to planned fuel swift in connection to ongoing wood pellet manufacturing. 


• Investigating whether already identified supplies of raw material as well as the planned fuel swift in general met the requirements for developing a JI Project as defined by the UN Climate Panel.

• Mapping the overall project potential. This included estimates of reduced CO2 emission as a consequence of changing from fossil to bio fuel. 

• Liaison with Estonian DNA / Ministry of Environment in order to agree on formal procedure for potential project development. I.e. clarify formal requirement project approval. 

• Developed and submitted PIN to the Estonian DNA.

• In general collected and analyzed information / data sufficient enough to develop the basis for decision to develop JI project.



Flemming Sehested

Flemming Sehested

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