Family Forestry in Lithuania

Sustainable Forest Management for Lithuanian Forest Owners based on Institutional and Capacity-Building of their Organisations and the Advisory Service

DFE has been collaborating closely with the Forest Owners' Association of Lithuania (FOAL) since 1993. DFE took part in the foundation of the organisation. In the year 2000, FOAL, DFE and the Chamber of Agriculture in Lithuania jointly founded the company, Private Forest Owners' Extension Centre (PFEC).

FOAL is based on the many new private forest owners resulting from the return of land to former owners that took place after independence. Danish environmental assistance to eastern Europe (DANCEE) has supported a number of activities targeting the new private forest owners and their organisations. DFE has implemented these projects together with FOAL.


1994 - 97: DFE conducted three two-month training courses for future Lithuanian and Latvian consultants for private forest owners. Major subjects of the training were: sustainable forest management, basic economics, forest economics, management planning, forest policy, and extension work.


1995 - 99: Major aspects of DFE support: establishment of adapted computerised forest management planning systems, sustainable forest management, establishment of extension service, training of consultants, courses for forest owners, strengthening of their organisations.


1999 - 02: Sustainable Forest Management for Lithuanian Forest Owners based on Institutional and Capacity Building of their Organisations and the Advisory Service.

The project addressed the institutional arrangements and skills necessary to manage multiple-use forests. Major activities included outreach, strengthening of the forestry extension service, membership campaigns, legal and organisational development of the organisations. Key staff were trained in Denmark (on-the-job), and on study tours and with training programs focused on existing and new forests (afforestation).

By the end of the project 5 local forest owners' co-operatives were operating on fully commercial terms, offering their members a full-scale extension service, marketing of forest products, training in forest operations, elaboration of management plans and harvesting of wood-based forest products. Bylaws were established for the relationship between FOAL and local co-operatives.


Services provided by DFE staff

Overall responsibility for project management, and scheduling of tasks and staff. Establishment and transfer of purpose-built GIS computerised forest management planning systems, and establishment of sustainable (including financially sustainable) forest management. The establishment of the extension service, training of consultants, training of forest owners and strengthening of their organisations. Establishment of local forest owners' co-operatives. Development and production of extension materials and training curricula.  


After independence the Lithuanian forests were handed over to the former owners or their ancestors. Training course for new forest owners.



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